Due to overwhelming requests from folks who are further afield than Boston (and just in case folks can’t make it in day-of the conference), XOR’s officially announcing today that the entire conference will be streamed across Ustream or some such service. We’ve been working with the AV dudes, and more details to come as we get closer to the date.

And, if you can’t make that, rest assured: we’re making sure that all the talks @ The XOR Conference will be recorded for posterity and made available openly available online after the conference for all the watching and remixing your little heart desires.



Hey all, finally getting back on the ball with getting this whole thing together — and realized (happily) that it turns out that the registration for XOR has been flowing in pretty strong since we opened up registration last week. It’s looking like we’re going to have a pretty good group of folks showing up, which is absolutely thrilling: the XOR Team’s been talking about turning this event into a regular thing if this first experiment ends up being a success.

However (the bad news), is that this means that if this pace keeps up at the current rate — that it’s likely we’ll have to cap registration at some point (Austin Hall West only holds about 140). So, if you’re interested in attending this year, it’s absolutely worth getting registered for the conference ASAP.

Today, in a stunning step towards legitimacy and glory, the team over here at XOR Conference 2009 is happy to announce today that it has secured the historic Austin Hall @ Harvard Law School for the talks on April 4th.


Announcements of speakers and talks coming as soon as we tie up some loose ends!

Stay tuned, information about the very first XOR Conference will be coming up soon. This is going to kick some major ass.