Oh Shit, Son: Colin McSwiggen Speaking On Meme Engineering

March 18, 2009


Wow, I have to say, I thought we’d be getting more work done here at SXSW 2009, but, turns out the whole thing is kind of like a colossal Spring Break Cancun for geekboys and geekgirls of all ages. My liver is killing me, but the work progresses nonetheless!

In any case, today we are pleased to announce that Colin McSwiggen, close friend of the ROFLCon/Hello Silo/and related projects, will be our final mystery speaker at XOR this year! (schedule updated). McSwiggen’s currently at MIT studying physics and math, and is interested in seeing how those fields plug into computation, language and cognition.

In particular, he’ll be talking a little about the idea of meme engineering: can you bottle up and manufacture the next Numa Numa or Boxxy? He’ll review the current (highly abstract) state of the field, and suggest a new series of experiments he’s been thinking about lately to advance a more quantitative research agenda for practical meme design.

In other news, if you’re coming from Information Superhighway — welcome! Our (free) registration for the conference is now open — check it out here.


One Response to “Oh Shit, Son: Colin McSwiggen Speaking On Meme Engineering”

  1. am111 said

    Does a transcript or notes exist from this talk? Has Mr. McSwiggen made any of his papers public?

    Thanks in advance for info about this fascinating subject of memes and mathematics.


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