And Another: Diana Kimball Reppin’ On Personal Organization Systems

March 8, 2009


Apologies about the delay kiddos, the conference staff was totally laid low by disease this week, so we’ve been in delay mode. But we’re back on track and rarin’ so you can expect posts regularly from here on in.

Great news today that our good friend Diana Kimball has graciously agreed to speak at the XOR Conference on April 4th! You may remember Diana as the owner and author of various essays at, and also as the charismatic host behind internet independent podcast hit the Tim and Diana Show.

Diana’ll be giving a talk about the history of personal archives: the wild and wooly secret world of the digital files, saved e-mails, and bits of memorabilia that we secret from computer to computer in our lifetimes. She’ll be sharing a bit of her own personal archives, and talk a little about how these things can get organized. Really, really well organized. Schedule updated accordingly.


One Response to “And Another: Diana Kimball Reppin’ On Personal Organization Systems”

  1. 3/29/09
    Enjoyed the latest episode on dreams w/Tim. In our house, my daughter, Eliz, now at MIT, was taken in by Cinderella (we actually allowed her to scrub the tile floor once at age about 6) and then when I asked her once to tell me her dream, she said, ‘only the bad one, ’cause: ‘A dream is a wish’, and you can’t tell a wish if you want it to come true.’

    I would say too, that we extended that on to dreams that we didn’t care whether they came true or not…kinda like the potato chip recount.

    So, a therapy to comfort the uncomfortable hours when you are alone… but never really or surreally.

    Just a thought. Like dreams…. as pictures into the next life, EMF that are enlivened, although in dreams they are not necessary …

    Best wishes,


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